Meet Rhonda

Holistic approach

Helping the body heal itself

The human body has incredible powers to heal itself, but sometimes we need to help it along. Stress plays an underlying role in many health issues today. It’s become so widespread that it isn’t always identified. So many of us continue to suffer from a health problem that just won’t go away.
That’s why I follow a holistic approach in my massage practice.
A holistic approach means I look at your whole life to assess which techniques will give you the best results.

Your visit

What to expect in my clinic

Rhonda Hunt Remedial Massage is located in Fairy Meadow. On your first appointment I take a thorough medical history to make sure I’m aware of any important medical conditions that could affect the massage.
I use this as a spring board to build a picture of your everyday life. What you do in your life on a day to day basis can affect your body in ways you’re unaware of. So I listen to the little things you say - and the things you don’t say. Then I tailor the massage according to what you need.
For example, if you’re a full time carer there may be certain physical strains on the body, as well as emotional stress that comes into play. A combination of relaxation massage and remedial massage techniques focused on specific areas might be just what you need.
Or maybe you’re a runner suffering from plantar fasciitis. You could probably do with some myofascial cupping to help release your feet and calf muscles.

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Art and science of massage

Intuition and technique combine to give you a unique experience

I see myself as assisting the body to heal. I’ll use whatever available techniques I have at my fingertips that help.
Throughout the massage I continue to evaluate what to use depending on how your muscles respond. I might have a particular technique in mind, but find that once I start something else works better.
Massage is as much about intuition as it is about technique. No massage is ever the same, because no person is ever the same. Even the same person might require a different treatment on a different day.
It’s about creating a unique experience for each person.